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My commitment to you

You're making an investment in your healing/recovery and I take that seriously. My commitment to you is to be honest and sincere if I don't have the knowledge or experience to help your specific needs. I won't pretend I know. If I don't know something, I'll tell you. We'll decide together if I can obtain trainings to help or if it's better to connect you with another therapist that fits your needs. It's your life, your money, your past, present, and your future. I'm always finding new trainings and trying to stay up to date on new research and interventions to ensure you're obtaining the most relevant support as possible. I also ask for help and hire lead consultants in the mental health field to obtain feedback and check my thinking to be able to provide you with as much as possible unbiased quality therapy without breaking your confidentiality. The approach I take is holistic, compassionate and focus on gaining your trust. I don't jump into conclusions about you, I won't judge or critique you no matter what you've done, what's happened to you, or where you stand in life. I won't tell you what to do or what decisions to make, what's right or wrong. However, I'll ask you significant questions that spark your reflection. I'll partner with you in understanding and healing your mental health by identifying the obstacles that may be getting in your way to reach a freed mind. I'm interested in deep healing that's long lasting and not superficial approaches. My goal is that you won't need me forever but to be able to give you the skills and insight to empower and strengthen your values and inner self.


Master of Social Work - San Diego State University, 2019

Bachelor's of Social Work - San Diego State University, 2018

Trained in the following evidenced-based theories

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Feeling lost, finding guidance through therapy, self-exploration
Free 15-20 Minute Phone Consultation -- Click start now to begin scheduling consultation

Individual Therapy: 55-minute $160

Accepting the following insurances:

If you have another health insurance, I can also provide you with a superbill (it's kind of like a receipt) so you can submit a reimbursement claim to your health insurance. If you have no insurance and would like to pay out of pocket, that's also an option.
Everyone's in a unique road to healing. Therapy tailored for specific needs; healing from trauma and rocky roads.

The Freed Minds Approach

At Freedmindstherapy, the philosophy is rooted in the belief that each individual has the capacity for growth and healing. My focus is to create a safe, trusting and healing space. As a therapist, I'm fully trained in evidence based techniques without losing the human connection. I aim to combine science, research, and your own story in the healing process. 

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