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Congratulations on you taking the time and interest to explore the possibilities of therapy. Whether I'm the first in your search or you've been therapy shopping for some time now, I'm glad you're here! I know what it's like to look carefully to make sure the therapist that you will hire is well experienced/trained to help you or your loved one. It's your life you're trusting a therapist with and you want to make sure it's the right person and I respect that! Not all therapists are meant for everyone and that's a reality. I love working with people form diverse walks of life and challenges. I truly enjoy helping people gain deep insight, increase their reflective capacity, and find their inner, unique and authentic voice. I believe many of our thinking has been conditioned to follow certain norms, traditions, expectations from family, society, culture, religion and so on. Though some of these may be of great help to people, for others it may be the root of some problems. I want to help you eliminate some of the noise and find the balance and joy of a freed mind.


If you've experienced trauma in your life, I may be a good choice to help. I have experience working with students from k-12, college students, other helping professionals, unaccompanied minors and immigrants from all backgrounds, and survivors of a variety of human trafficking. I have experience with people who have suffered systemic traumas (i.e. foster youth, formerly incarcerated) and understand the long-lasting pain that could bring, including attachment and trust issues. I also have a wealth of experience in working with substance abuse, including helping those in 12-step recovery who may feel stuck in their healing. I use a trauma-informed lenses in the treatment I provide, by incorporating EMDR and other trauma-focused approaches.


Take a minute to look through my page so you can get a feel for me and reach out for a 15-minute free consultation, no commitment, to talk and see if we would be a good match for each other. It will not feel like a sales-call, I promise! Welcome and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Meet the Therapist

I believe that it's difficult to reach our unique, authentic, human potential unless we have freed our minds from the past. Freed from traumas, negative memories, all the "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" of who we are "supposed" to be, what we are expected to act like, societal pressures, family expectations and so on. Yes, we may be high achievers, posess strong intellectual minds and hold good jobs. But what about that fear of making mistakes, those unstable relationships, family/partner conflicts, or that sense of loneliness that we try to hide so others don't notice them? What about those intrusive painful memories from the past that we just can't let them go no matter how hard we try? It's like they follow us like our shadow. I want to help you start that journey of self-discovery and healing so you can enjoy the beauty of living with a freed mind and be your authentic self, unapologetically. Click on read more to learn more about me, my approches, trainings, experiences and interventions and decide whether I'd be the right fit for you


I take a trauma-informed approach and I'm trained in a variety of trauma-focused therapies, including EMDR. It's incredible the ways trauma can impact our lives in indescribable ways. Even though many people struggle with similar challenges, the way we perceive and cope with situations is unique. Therefore, evidenced-based interventions are used without losing the unique human touch tailored to your own needs and story. Some of my areas of expertise include:

Trauma Therapy

(childhood, teen, and/or adult trauma)

Anxiety and Depression (overthinking/overworrying; sadness, isolation, and/or lack of motivation)

Human Trafficking

(survivors of sex/labor trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation)

Relationship Issues (challenges with partners, friendships, and/or family; intimacy and trust)

Substance Abuse

(your own struggles or someone you love is being impacted; Support in vamping your 12-step recovery )

Self-Esteem and Personal Growth (self-doubt, imposter syndrome)

Mountain Ridge

"We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision." - Khalil Gibran

Professional Recommendations


"Fabian is one of the most heartfelt and astute therapists. He holds a depthful trauma informed approach to healing, while centering a client's unique intersectional needs. Fabian collaboratively helps people find more authenticity, choice and freedom." 


"Fabian is a highly skilled therapist who is able to gently establish rapport w/ clients and explore their concerns. Fabian has extensive training working with trauma within all genders and has an exceptional multicultural lens. I highly recommend Fabian!" 


"Fabian is a well experienced therapist with great insight and very caring. Clients can look forward to a warm and easy to talk to therapist that will gently challenge them and support them in their growth." 


"Fabian is a kind, knowledgeable, culturally responsive and extremely skilled therapist. Fabian is passionate about working with folx with trauma and collaboratively helping people find deep healing from those traumas to reach their unique potentials." 

"The mind is everything. What you think you become."


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